Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unexpected Journey....

Yeah It's an early morning for me on weekends, Last night slept early (1:00 AM :-P ). Got up around 9 AM. Prepared breakfast. "NE Connectivity Loss" Clear alarm is received i.e. my net is up and running again, there was some problem in the modem put up on our building.

Planning to visit some place in Mumbai probably "Hanging gardens".

Talking to the other idiot S2, He is confused about his travel plans and we are discussing about it, I am searching the options for C2 and S2 both.

Time is 1:30 PM and here comes the finalized travel plan for S2 and me, I am traveling to Bangalore :-) within 3 hours, making the flight bookings. Never ever had this sudden plan of visiting any place... I am loving it...

This one is for you "Ashi" (S2).

Boarded the flight at 1810 and reached at 2000 hrs.

The reference to all the idiots is here (and previous post) because they are the driving force of my life, I am here to give them the pleasure at any point of time at any cost. I may ask questions about the tasks but I can go beyond the limits to make it happen...

PS: posting this blog on 22nd Feb,2010 as an entry for 20th Feb, 2010.

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