Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love: Life

I am thinking about: relationships; how complex they are.
I want: to get wet in the drizzle.
I wish: I could say what I want to whom I want.
I wonder: If I could ever be my old self?
I regret: hiding my feelings at many occasions.
I can't: hate anyone.
I am: exhausted.
I dance: on my own tune.
I sing: when I am in mood.
I need: a peaceful vacation with like old times.
I cry: less often now.
I make: others pissed off.
I write: mostly when I am upset.
I confuse: one who try to be oversmart.
I miss: Myself and I.
I try: to think a lil less.
I know: I am a nice person. :-)
I will: always be my favourite