Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bangalore vs. Mumbai

The title may not suggest the appropriate contents of this blog-post, but yes this is the main thing that comes in my mind whenever I wander through my inner thoughts about my past.

It has been discussed many times with my friends, family and peers and it is true that I am in love with Bangalore. I do not say that Mumbai is not good but for some reasons, personally I feel like not being able to grasp the Mumbai spirit.

When I was in Bangalore I used to get lot of time to spend on myself and my extracurricular activities but after coming here I became so lazy that I don't want to do anything. After coming from office I am so exhausted that I just see the relaxation point. May be Mumbai’s humidity and surroundings are the reason for it. I do not go for walks during daytime after lunch neither I go for early morning nor evening walks. In Bangalore although it was not a hard and fast rule, but I used to go for the walks at-least 3-4 days in a week. Also our group used to go for post-lunch walks in office. Probably this is one of the reasons for putting on lot of weight.

I shifted to Powai in Mumbai so that at-least I will get some catalyst to go for the walks but to no avail. I am still that much lethargic, even I feel more because my office commuting distance is increased.

I hope to get solution for this soon and come back on track ... :-)

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