Friday, February 26, 2010

My Social Network...

Yeah my social network is big enough :-) I had waiting ticket to go to Ujjain but once again because of this I got berth not only to sit but to sleep as well. 

I was traveling with my juniors who passed out from college 3 years later than me but still I was able to struck the cord very well with them. We were in all 7 people and we had 3 confirmed berths. We all managed on those 3 berths :-D

Had lots of chats with them regarding the college, Teachers, TCS. They have recently joined TCS and it was their first trip to hometown in the most lively train known as Avantika. I was giving them enough guidance how to enjoy the travel from Mumbai to Ujjain/Indore. 

It was great fun to be with and it added more feathers in my social network...

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