Friday, February 19, 2010

NE Connectivity Loss...

Today my network connection is not working, seems to be some server problem. What the hell, spoiling my Friday night... Not much to do... On phones with my Idiots (refer to3 + 3 Idiots... ), S1 is having some problem with her browser she wants to give some compulsory tests but the particular test page is not opening. Did all the possible configurations still its not working. C2 is also having problems with net and want to search for the options for her itinerary to the hometown, unable to help.

In the morning had discussion with C3 regarding an outing on the weekend but the plan did not succeed because of some reasons. I take it as omen that we will not be going to another outing without C1 :-) Although C1 is unreachable at this point of time, hope to hear from him soon.

PS: NE Connectivity Loss is the name of alarm we raise when our equipment goes out of network.
PPS: posting this blog on 22nd Feb,2010 as an entry for 19th Feb, 2010.
PPPS: Omens are meant to be understood and resolved, read further posts...

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