Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Way to success...

Feeling quite relaxed today. Last few days (or weeks) were very much frustrating and irritating for me as well as someone else. I feel like hell when I can see other people in so much pain and agony. I want to help them, I can stretch myself to any level to accomplish their tasks, their dreams, But sometimes I am caught in condition when I am unable to do anything. Its like the situation when you are willing to do something but you don't have means to go for it. Same type of phase I was going through. I can feel their pain, still I can't do anything to subdue it. I could have done only one thing just give them mental support (I know I faltered at some point, but that was my low dip). Today when I see their joyful face, I can feel relaxed. But I can only say its only their efforts and hardship that made them to reach at this destination in life. And I won't understand it any point of time who just get the Success based on the luck and very less struggle.

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