Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reliving old memories...

I have gone to Ujjain this long weekend, In the course of my journey I also visited Guna, my nanihal, after long time. It was a nice trip. After coming back to Ujjain I spent my 2 days meeting my old school and college pals. In my return journey I was accompanied by two of my schoolmates. It is always nice to talk about those moments that were spent with fun and laughter. Those were the days when we were free from the daily humdrum of life and we were most pure souls. The things we used to do are now source of enjoyment and smile on face. This discussion did not stop at that point only. After I returned to Mumbai, I was chatting with one of my other old pal and we discussed lots and lots of odd things, which we would not have discussed usually. And we both were laughing at our places and our colleagues came to ask "Is everything fine?" ;-). I really enjoyed all these days reliving old memories.

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