Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Most Cherishing Moment...

One of my fellow blogger tagged me to write about the most cherishing moment of my life. I searched through my life span and I found out that there are lots of cherishing moments, selecting MOST cherishing one was a bit difficult. But I got one moment that still thrills me with so much positive vibes and which always remains close to my heart. It obviously stand on the top of all others.
This moment occured after I got selected in Riverstone Networks, with the highest paid package to a graduate student in the state of MP through placement. After my this achievement, one of my family member hugged me and gently kissed on my forehead and said, "I am proud of you." These few words and the actions remain stamped in my mind and heart and will do forever. Even now whenever I think about that moment I feel somewhat special, I hope to carry on this legacy and make her proud in future as well.

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