Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Transition from Bangalore to Mumbai...

Blogging down my thoughts after a long, was busy in shifting from bangalore to mumbai, searching accomodation, adjusting in new office environment, new surroundings. The period was though hectic but very nice one. I am really enjoying to be in Mumbai - 'The city of dreams'. People say its very fast life in Mumbai but I don't find much difference from Bangalore. Its like another Metro city, You just have to adjust yourself with the changing world.
Apart from that my office environment is very cool, All the colleagues are so enthusiastic not only for working but also for having fun and enjoying good times. In the first week of joining itself, I was part of two different parties. Its the best part of being in a small firm, your interaction with other people is very great and also the visibility to management (if wanna know about professional front).
I have come here with lot of dreams and ambitions, I will try my best to achieve those. For the people who know my new year resolution, Its going on but will take some time to be fully completed. Anyway its only the first month of the year, So I have lot of time to complete it.. :-)

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