Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Sixth Sense...

I don't know why I am writing this, but yes I am forced to pen it down. I always tell to people about my intuitions and sixth sense. Some of them believe, some don't. After my decision to move on, I got lot of criticism why to take risk at this point of time and blah blah. I got very strong feel of global meltdown affecting me (Refer to my previous post, Struggle of Life) and now it seems to be true as a matter of fact when I recently heard that my previous company has announced 0% global hike this year. Even people are not getting rated there. It makes me feel good about MY decision (although there were certain other reasons also).

I don't know whether it is relevant here or not. Its upto others whether they think me a fool or a mad, but I strongly believe in my intuitions and I know most of them come true. Only the rare ones are those which I wanted very much to come true, but those were not pure intuitions they were desires (Refer to my previous post, Human Behavior).

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