Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Golden week of the year... :-) Continued...

Day 6: (1st Oct, 2009) continued...
  • took 5:25 PM flight from Mumbai to Delhi.
  • reached delhi at 7:30 PM 10 mins earlier than scheduled time
  • took prepaid taxi to reach InterState bus stand (Saray Kaale khan)
  • Took UP-SRTC Bus (after a long time travelled in non AC bus that to SRTC)
  • One villager told conductor not to sit on front seat because of engine's heat and in lack of any other space sat on the floor at backside.
  • seen some fight over the sharing of window glass
  • Enjoyed the cool breeze (obviously after coming out of Delhi border)
  • Bus was checked at UP Border, the fatty policeman told everyone to get down and get their luggage checked, some of the fellow pessanger revoked against him to come and do the checking inside bus, they told that they are from CISF (nobody asked for ID Cards) the policeman told that I will not let the bus to go without checking, some 2-3 person got their baggage checked and then the bus was allowed to go as the EGO of everyone got satisfied.
  • I saw one MPSRTC Bus, Delhi Gwalior Shatabdi Express from Gwalior Depo in a very good condition (MP people will know how much this means).
  • Reached mathura around 1:30 AM, had Garma garam Aloo ki tikki and rotis made by bhabhi.
  • Slept at around 2:30 AM.

Day 7: (2nd Oct, 2009)
  • Woke up at 7:30 AM,
  • Had to book tatkal tickets for 4th Oct return.
  • IRCTC servers died within first 5 mins, after that they tried to show some signs of life in them, but at the most crucial point (payment) their heart sink again. No success till 9 O'clock.
  • I was trying from home and my Bro from his Refinary office.
  • Seat were filling with great speed, at 9 O'clock decided to go to station, 10 seats were still there in August Kranti Rajdhani Express.
  • Reached station in 8 mins, but to my disappointment the queue was very long, about 8-10 people in front of me.
  • Meanwhile called bhaiya he told that he has succeeded in clicking on the payment button and waiting for the result :-P. Parallely checked availability on Indian railways site which showed waiting 15, Now we were waiting which WL I had got :-(
  • the transaction was successful, IRcTC showed congratulation message but not the WL number it again went down. then it was decided that I will come back home, when we got to know the exact thing it was WL 9 in 3A Tatkal quota. Hoped to get it confirmed otherwise fly back to delhi.
  • After that it was time to have some shopping for white wash at my bro's home.
  • when my Bro came back from office, bhabhi made chhole bhaturas for the lunch, so indeed it was a treat.
  • in the evening went to my Bro's collegue's home had Cold-Drink then samosa then Tea over it :-)
  • In the night went to Highway Plaza (mall on Delhi Agra Highway) did some shopping, had dinner in Pizza hut.
  • came back and slept around 12.
Day 8: (3rd Oct, 2009)
  • Woke up at 7 AM.
  • checked my PNR Status WL reduced to 4, hope for confirmation increased.
  • left at 8 AM for Faridabad.
  • I drove i-10 on Agra Delhi Highway, it was after very long time that I was having a long drive. The highway is very good in condition and I enjoyed driving on it. I was feeling great to drive after long break at the speed of 100+.
  • Reached faridabad around 11 AM.
  • Did some shopping, then went to watch movie "Wake up Sid" I liked the movie, its definitely a one-time watch movie.
  • Went to Haldiram's (very big food joint not the normal Haldiram's), had dinner there.
  • Meanwhile my GPRS setting automatically got enabled and I was able to access net on my mobile. I tried a lot here in Mumbai but somehow the settings were not getting properly done. I thought it might be working here in this area. (I verified it is working now in Mumbai too).
  • After coming back home, we played cards, bahbhi's cousin also came alongwith us from delhi.
  • Played till 1 O'clock, also watched NZ thrashing Pak.

Day 9: (4th Oct, 2009)
  • woke up at 8 AM.
  • checked my PNR Status WL reduced to 1. :-)
  • Painters came at home, made the rooms empty for white wash, the painters were novice, they did not know how to put emulsions. Asked us to bring thinner to make it dilute instead of water. started painting finally.
  • Had Bedai (Mathura special) in breakfast.
  • Sat outside in the open verandah, enjoyed rain, some peacocks came in the garden and danced there (They come daily there).
  • My ticket got confirmed, had sigh of relief.
  • Had daal baati in lunch made by bhabhi.
  • boarded train at 5:30 PM.
  • After several years had game of Saanp-Seedi and Ludo with fellow pessengers (aged 19, 26 and 54).
  • Played till 12 O'clock, one of them had his Birthday on 5th, wished him.
  • slept around 12:30.
Day 10: (5th Oct, 2009)
  • Put alarm for 8:30 as the scheduled arrival time is 9:30. Around 7 O'clock a mobile rang up at its full volume with the irritating ringtone of lady speaking "hello... Hello.. pick up the phone" continously. Somehow it got silent and went back to sleep.
  • woke up at 8:30.
  • around 8:45 TC has come to ask about a mobile left in our compartment by someone, the story unfolded as one person got down at Surat and forgot his mobile in the train (the same ringing one). One person told that he has handed it over to a person sitting nearby our seats. but No-one recognized him. The drama continued till Borivalli, RPF people have been summoned on Borivali station for the checking, meanwhile the thief has got afraid or somewhat as the announcement has been made through the PR system in whole train about the mobile theft and RPF in our coach. Finally the mobile was retrieved back.
  • got down at borivali station amid heavy rainfall. came back to my home around 10:30 and got ready to come to office.
This is how I spent the golden week of the year..
looking forward for next few days.. going home from 9th to 19th for diwali vacations...

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